Fuchs Reniso PAG 46


Fuchs Reniso PAG 46 Is a fully-synthetic refrigeration oil

Fuchs Reniso PAG 46 is a Fully synthetic refrigeration oils based on special polyglycols (PAG) for R134a A/C systems




Because of their Cl content, CFC refrigerants like R12 destroy the earth’s ozone layer. This led all manufacturers to cease production of fully halogenized CFC’s and introduce alternative products. This move is a reaction to the ban on CFC’s and halons which established a timetable for the progressive ending of CFC production and use.


Alternative refrigerants such as R134a have found general acceptance and are currently in use.


As classic refrigeration oils based on mineral oils, polyalphaolefins and alkylbenzene oils are not miscible with R134a, new refrigeration oils had to be developed, RENISO PAG-Series.





Most car and truck air conditioning systems use Japanese- or American-made compressors and R134a refrigerants. These compressors require the use of synthetic, polyglycol-based refrigeration oils such as FUCHS RENISO PAG 46 or RENISO PAG 100.


The RENISO PAG products have an excellent miscibility and compatibility with R134a.


RENISO PAG 46 and RENISO PAG 100 are based on polar polyglycols. The structure of polyglycols make them hygroscopic (= absorb moisture). This means that special care must be taken when handling such products (always keep containers tightly sealed, use nitrogen to cover the refrigeration oil and store drums in dry, air conditioned rooms).




• Very high thermal stability
• Excellent miscibility and compatibility with R134a refrigerants (substitute for R12 refrigerants)
• Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour (high VI)
• Low viscosity at low temperature, good flowability
• Stable lubricating film at high temperatures
• Good compatibility with all materials commonly used in refrigeration systems
• RENISO PAG 46 and RENISO PAG 100 are ultra-dried


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