Fuchs Reniso KES 100


Fuchs Reniso KES 100 Is a highly-refined, naphthenic refrigeration oil 

Fuchs Reniso KES 100 is a special naphthenic refrigeration oils




FUCHS RENISO K refrigeration oils are based on highly refined, naphthenic selective raffinates that have been dewaxed especially for use at low temperatures. Their degree of refinement ensures that the RENISO K oils are extremely resistant to ageing when combined with any conventional refrigerant, especially with ammonia (NH3), with HCFC- and with hydrocarbon refrigerants.




RENISO KM 32, KS 46, KC 68 and KW 150 are recommended for use with ammonia (R717), with HCFC- (e.g.  22) and with hydrocarbon refrigerants (e.g. propane, propene, isobutane) in open, semihermetic and hermetic compressors.


RENISO KES 100 is recommended for use in HCFC systems, especially when high evaporation and condensation temperatures can occur, as e.g. in bus and vehicle air conditioning systems.




RENISO K products are refrigeration oils according to DIN 51503: KAA, KC, KE
KAA – NH3 refrigeration oils (non-miscible)
KC – HCFC refrigeration oils (miscible with fluorochlorinated hydrocarbons)
KE – refrigeration oils for hydrocarbon refrigerants (miscible)
KC 68 – NSF H2 registration: registration no. 146750




• High chemical and thermal stability with ammonia – NH3
• Prevent breakdowns caused by formation of wax deposits at low temperatures
• Excellent flowability at low temperatures ensures continuous heat transfer and enhanced
system efficiency
• Good solubility with fluorochlorinated hydrocarbons (HCFC)
• Very low water content – dried before packaging


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