Fuchs Plantogear 100 HVI

Fuchs Plantogear 100 HVI Is a rapidly biodegradable high performance gear oil

Fuchs Plantogear 100 HVI is an Environmentally acceptable lubricating oil and EP industrial gear oil based on synthetic saturated esters





PLANTOGEAR 100 HVI products are environmentally acceptable industrial gear oils based on special saturated synthetic esters which guarantee high ageing resistance and excellent wear protection – very good lubricity. The products have a good solvency (good deterging dispersant properties due to the polar ester base oils). PLANTOGEAR 100 HVI  products have high scuffing protection.







PLANTOGEAR 100 HVI products can be used as universal CLP industrial gear oils.



PLANTOGEAR 100 HVI and products can be used in spur, bevel, planetary and worm gears, especially in environmentally sensitive areas. The products can also be used in drive systems in water protection areas where ground and surface water can be polluted by oil leaks. The formulation of PLANTOGEAR 100 HVI  is based on fully synthetic saturated high-performance esters based on natural renewable resources. The products can be used in applications where the use of synthetic lubricants are of advantage.







PLANTOGEAR 100 HVI  fulfill and surpass the requirements according to:


• DIN 51517-3: CLP
• AGMA 9005/E02: EP







• Good corrosion protection
• Excellent wear protection
• Excellent viscosity temperature behaviour, high viscosity index (VI)
• Miscible with mineral oil and polyalphaolefin gear oils
• Natural dissolving properties
• Based on renewable resources
• Rapidly biodegradable (> 60% acc. to OECD 301 B)
• High resistance to ageing
• Optimally suited for high and low temperature use


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