Fuchs Planto Tac 68


Fuchs Planto Tac 68 Is a Biodegradable Chain Saw Oil

Fuchs Planto Tac 68 is a Chainsaw lubricant based on rape oil, excellent rapidly biodegradable acc. to OECD 301 B, for the professional use in saws






FUCHS PLANTO TAC 68 is a rapidly biodegradable, environmentally acceptable chainsaw lubricant based on rape oil for the universal use in saws. It fulfills and surpasses the requirements of the European Eco label for rapidly biodegradable chainsaw oils.



PLANTO TAC 68 is developed for the general use in saws working under severe conditions in environmentally sensitive areas like water protection areas, in the wood, in the forest and in the agriculture.







PLANTO TAC 68 has good cold flow properties which is tested in a FUCHS inhouse test during 3 days at – 25 °C. PLANTO TAC 68 is compatible and miscible with standard chainsaw lubricants.
There is no special changing over procedure from

mineral based chainsaw lubricants to PLANTO TAC 68.
After the use of rapidly biodegradable chainsaw oils the saws should be maintained and cleaned properly. The different parts of the chain should be cleaned and protected with fresh oil after use. The use of a cleaning fluid like PLANTO SPRUEHOELS is recommended. It can also be used to PLANTOCORIT as a temporary corrosion protection oil.






• Awarded by the Euro-Margerite
• Low oil consumption
• Excellent lubricity, excellent surface wetting properties
• Good low temperature flowability
• Rapidly biodegradable according to OECD 301 B
• Tested according to KWF test (German Forest Institute)
• Good elastomer and component compatibility
• High lifetime
• High efficiency
• Good ageing stability and good temperature stability



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