Fuchs Planto Hytrac Plus



Fuchs Planto Hytrac Plus Is a biodegradable Multifunctional Oil (UTTO)

Fuchs Planto Hytrac Plus is a Biodegradable Super High Performance Multifunctional Oil (UTTO) for tractor gearboxes with or without wet brakes.






FUCHS PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS is the environmentally friendly alternative for mineral oil based manual transmission and gear- / hydraulic systems of type UTTO. PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS is biodegradable and is not water soluble. In case of leakages PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS will be kept in the upper terrestrial layers and will be biodegraded there.







PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS is used in manual transmission and gear- / hydraulic systems with or without integrated oil bath brakes. Aggregates which having automatic transmission fluid recommendation can not be filled with PLANTO HYTRAC
PLUS. Switching to PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS makes not necessary to change seals or filter elements. But this need to be checked in each case, for good reliability. Flushing the aggregates is reasonable, but normally not necessary. Best performance of PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS will only be given by pure application. ATTENTION: Due to the very high cleaning property of the base oils, it is intended to check the filter cartridges after 50 operating hours and to change them if necessary. Potentially there are more than one filter changes necessary. One component repair varnishes are normally not resistant versus PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS. Avoid the contact of PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS with surfaces covered with repair varnishes. Very often those repair varnishes are not resistant
versus biodegradable base oils. PLANTO HYTRAC PLUS is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear and hydraulic oils of same technology or performance. However, mixing with other products should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet.






• Biodegradable acc. to OECD 301 > 60%
• Good rheological properties at low temperatures
• Rapid supply of all lubricated parts
• Excellent shear stability
• Improved thermal stability
• Provides extended oil drain intervals compared with conventional biologically degradable products
• Prevents from deposits







• SAE 10W-30
• SAE 80



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FUCHS Recommendations



• Several makes of tractors


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