Fuchs Anticorit RP 4107 S

Fuchs Anticorit RP 4107 S Is a thixotropic, barium-free corrosion protection oils 

Fuchs Anticorit RP 4107 S is a Corrosion Preventive Oil





FUCHS ANTICORIT RP 4107 S is a barium-free corrosion preventive which offers excellent protection on cold rolled steel under condensation climates, salt spray atmospheres and open shed conditions. ANTICORIT RP 4107 S is run-off reduced (thixotropic) and provides optimum film stability even on vertical surfaces. ANTICORIT RP 4107 S can be easily removed with neutral or alkaline water-based cleaners.

ANTICORIT RP 4107 S protects semi-finished cold rolled steel components during transportation and open shed storage when superior protection and easy removability are required. This excellent corrosion protection is
suitable for hot-rolled strip or for all kind of cold-rolled surfaces like electrolytically galvanised, hot-dip
galvanised, galvanealed, pre-phosphated or microphosphated.


ANTICORIT RP 4107 S is the only corrosion preventive fully approved by the German Automobile Manufactures
(VDA). It is used by the entire European steel mills. A low viscosity version of this product designed for
cleaning of steel stripes and blanks to remove dirt prior to stamping is available with 12 cST/40 °C as ANTICORIT
RP 4107 LV.

ANTICORIT RP 4107 S is approved by many manufactures of electrostatic spraying equipment like eg
DUMA, SMR, Peabody and Ravarini.






ANTICORIT RP 4107 S is used to preserve semi-finished parts made of iron, especially sensitive cold rolled steel. It
is also used as corrosion preventive for shed storage and for transportation if high requirements on removing and in
difficult climates are requested. ANTICORIT RP 4107 S is more and more used for the conservation of CKD-parts
and for the shipping and long-term conservation of engines, engine-parts and for blanc body parts. The recommended application temperature for spraying and filtering is 50 to 65 °C. While applying, the safety regulations have to be taken into account.






• ThyssenKrupp Europe Steel AG
• Arcelormittal
• Salzgitter Flachstahl
• Voest Alpine





• Easy to apply
• Universal use
• Excellent corrosion inhibition
• No run-off
• Barium-free
• Free of Octylphenylethoxylate



Storage conditions



If sealed in the original container ANTICORIT RP 4107 S can be stored up to 36 months at temperatures between – 20 and + 40 °C. At longer storage it is possible, like with all thixotropic products that some thixotropic agents will settle down.

The original quality is recreated by simply stirring. The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability


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