Eni Rotra MP DB SAE 85W-90




  • The outstanding EP characteristics ensure the protection of surfaces even under extremely severe loadings and sliding conditions.
  • The premium antiwear properties and oiliness of the product markedly reduce wear on gear-teeth and bearings.
  • Its particularly good oxidation stability ensures a long term keeping of the oil performances even if used to lubricate components operating at high temperatures. Thus, any tendency of viscosity increase and formation of sludge is inhibited.
  • The product is noncorrosive to steel, copper and all other metals and alloys. Hence it helps keep lubricated parts in optimal condition.
  • Its antirust properties prevent rust on gears and in bearings, even when moisture is present.
  • Its antifoam properties minimize the formation of air bubbles which could adversely affect lubricant film continuity.


eni Rotra MP DB is officially approved by or meets the specification requirements of the following organization and car maker:

– API GL-5
– MAN 342 Typ M1
– MB-Approval 235.0
– MIL-L-2105D
– ZF TE-ML 16C, 17B, 19B, 21A
– VW TL 727
– LIEBHERR Is an EP gear oil

eni Rotra MP DB is a special EP (Extreme Pressure) gear oil formulated for the lubrication of Daimler-Chrysler hypoid transmission. It can be employed in highly loaded drives, including hypoid gears and those subjected to dynamic loads.


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