Eni Rotra HY DB synth 75W -90


Eni Rotra HY DB synth 75W -90 is fully synthetic high-performance transmission oil


Fully synthetic high-performance transmission oil with fuel efficiency properties, especially designed for the requirements of Mercedes Benz vehicles, but also applicable for trucks, transporters and passenger cars of other brands.

Properties and performance:

  • eni ROTRA HY DB SYNTH is a modern fuel efficiency multigrade transmission oil based on fully synthetic base oil with excellent performance.
  • The modern additive technology ensures a safe lubrication of highly loaded manual transmissions.
  • It has an excellent thermal stability and therefore provides safe protection from deposits
  • It has a high shifting convenience also at low temperatures with very good synchronisation properties.
  • It ensures optimum transmission lubrication in a wide temperature range and also fuel saving potential due to the favourable viscosity-temperature behaviour.
  • The outstanding oxidation stability makes the longest change intervals possible. Shifting problems at low outside temperatures and noise development in the mechanical transmission are effectively reduced.


Agip ROTRA HY DB SYNTH is a modern mechanical transmission oil which especially meets the high requirements of the Daimler AG. This quality is recommended by name for the application in the ACTROS series, for UNIMOG, MB-TRAC as well as for the passenger cars and SUVs. Further application is possible where an oil with the Viscosity SAE 75W-90, API GL-4 is prescribed by the manufacturer. It is miscible with vehicle transmission oils based on mineral oil.


  • API GL-4
  • MB approval 235.11
  • MAN 341 Type MB
  • ZF TE-ML 8


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