Eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90


Eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 is a synthetic gear oil.


eni Rotra Bike Synth is a synthetic gear oil with highest pressure properties for the safe lubrication of gears and end drives of bikes and scooter.


Properties and Performance:


• The very good properties of eni Rotra Bike Synth protect the surface of tooth flanks also under extreme conditions and relative movements with high sliding portions definitely from wear.
• The high viscosity index of eni Rotra Bike Synth guarantees a very good low temperature flow behaviour, which ensures best function of the gears also at very low outside temperatures. A very stable high temperature viscosity guarantees a continuous protection of the lubricated parts at all application temperatures.
• The used high-quality synthetic base oils provide an excellent thermal and oxidative stability, thus they protect from liner lacquering, deposits and other decomposition products. They ensure the performance of the lubricant also at longest change intervals.




eni Rotra Bike Synth meets the requirements of the following specifications:

API GL-4 and GL-5



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