Eni Rotra Bike MG/S 85W-90


Eni Rotra Bike MG/S 85W-90 is a special gear oil with modified EP characteristics


eni Rotra bike MG/S is a special gear oil with modified EP (Extreme Pressure) characteristics. It has exceptional properties that make it suitable for lubricating gearboxes and transmission systems of motorbikes and scooters, including those with wet clutches.


This product has been designed specifically for lubrication of gearboxes fitted on MOTO GUZZI motorbikes.



  • Its superior EP additives ensure a continuous lubricant film even on gears operating under the severest conditions involving heavy dynamic and shock loads and very high or intermittent sliding speeds between the teeth.
  • eni Rotra bike MG/S has been formulated with antistick-slip additives that modifies the coefficient of friction to provide smooth operation of wet clutches.
  • Its outstanding antiwear properties and its oiliness markedly reduce wear on gear teeth and bearings.
  • Its high oxidation stability prevents any deterioration of the oil performance even when operating at high temperatures. Thus, any tendency to viscosity increase or sludge formation is inhibited.
  • eni Rotra bike MG/S is not corrosive to steel, copper, alloys and other metals, keeping all components in safe conditions.
  • Its antirust properties effectively prevent rust on gears and in bearings, even when moisture is present.
  • Its antifoam qualities minimize the formation of air bubbles which could adversely affect lubricant film continuity.



eni Rotra bike MG/S meets the requirements of the following specifications:

– API GL-5
– MOTO GUZZI gear systems



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