Eni Radula 220 C


Eni Radula 220 C is a high quality machine oil


High quality machine oil based on mineral oil from selective raffinate with excellent lubrication properties.


Properties and Performance:


eni RADULA has a high purity level, a favourable natural viscosity-temperature-behaviour and very good cold flow properties. The high ageing stability and temperature load capacity  guarantee a low tendency for the formation of coke residues (oil carbon) and deposits.

Furthermore it has good water separation properties. The compatibility with all commonly used sealing materials in the machine construction and going internal varnishes is ensured.




eni RADULA has various application possibilities in the general machine lubrication: for splash and circular lubrication of sliding and roller bearings, mechanical transmissions, compressors, vans and vacuum pumps, also suitable for combustion engines, as long as they may be lubricated with pure unalloyed mineral oils.

In the low viscosity grades eni RADULA is mainly suitable for the lubrication of fast running  aggregates. Higher viscosities are preferred for heavy power units with increased workingtemperatures and low revolution per minute. Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.



DIN 51 517 T.1 C


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