Eni OPL 5


Eni OPL 5 is a non-water-miscible refrigerant

eni OPL 5 is a chlorine free, low viscous, not water miscible cooling lubricant based on aromatic free mineral oils with product specific agents for lapping, honing and grinding of the latest technology.

Properties and performance:

● eni OPL 5 is formulated on the basis of highly refined mineral oils with good carrying and settling capacity
● has extremely stable properties, does not tend to foam formation
● set with low oil mist and low evaporation
● has excellent powder carrying capacity due to special agents and does not attack the processed materials, no specking
● very good ageing stability, very good rinsing efficiency
● compatible with all common sealing and cable material
● a good detergent efficiency is ensured due to special additives


eni OPL 5 is a special fluid for lapping, honing and grinding of different materials to get an especially high surface quality. Additionally it is meeting the requirements of hydrostatic spindle lubrication.


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