Eni I-Ride PG 15W 50


Eni I-Ride PG 15W 50 is a high performance motor oil

eni i-Ride PG 15W-50 is a semi-synthetic high-performance multigrade oil of the newest technology and is applicable for air as well as water cooled 4-stroke engines, especially at severe conditions.

Properties and Performance:

  • eni i-Ride PG 15W-50 has sufficient flowability at low temperatures and a high Viscosity in the upper temperature range. Therefore this lubricant can be used as all-year oil.
  • Its excellent detergent/dispersant properties minimize the liner lacquering and the formation of deposits in the engine. Therefore eni i-Ride PG 15W-50 prevents the jamming of the piston rings and keeps possible deposits in suspense.
  • Its excellent wear protection properties ensure a long lifetime of all moving parts. Due to the high surface adhesion a low-wear engine start is ensured also after longer downtime.


eni i-Ride PG 15W-50 is best suitable for very different and severe operation conditions, such as long-distance travel at high temperatures or stop-and-go travel at low temperatures.


eni i-Ride PG 15W-50 meets the following specifications and approvals:

  • ACEA A3
  • API SJ
  • Jaso MA, Jaso MA2

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