Eni I-Ride moto 20W 50


Eni I-Ride moto 20W 50 is an engine oil specially for motorcycles

Eni i-Ride moto 20W-50 is an engine oil of the top synthetic technology of eni. This bike engine oil of the newest generation is especially designed for motorcycles in racing applications or other high engine loads.

Properties and Performance:

  • The synthetic base oils form a stable lubrication film which sticks firmly to the metal surfaces, also if the engine had been shut down for some time and therefore ensures an easy start and reduces the cold start wear, also under severe conditions.
  • The excellent shear stability is a guarantee for the Viscosity stability (stay-in-grade) also after longer operation under extreme conditions.
  • The thermally stable synthetic base oil has an extreme low evaporation tendency and leads to a low oil consumption.
  • The special formulation ensures highest performance concerning the detergent/dispersant properties, corrosion protection, foam prevention, oxidation stability and wear protection properties.


Eni i-Ride moto 20W-50 is recommended when high performance reserves and a safe lubrication film are required.


Eni i-Ride moto 20W-50 meets the following specifications and approvals:

  • API SL
  • Jaso MA
  • Jaso MA2


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