Eni Exidia HG 220 CGLP


Eni Exidia HG 220 CGLP is a Slideway oils on paraffinic base mineral oil

Slideway oils on paraffinic base mineral oil with very good lubricating and adhesive properties, high pressure absorptivity (EP) and anti-stick-slip properties for the lubrication of slideways and guides, especially of machine tool saddles.

Properties and Performance:

Eni EXIDIA HG – slideway oils contain an exquisite cinc free additive combination especially to prevent stick-slip. The components cause an increased affinity of the oils to the metal surface and therefore help to form an oilfilm also with lowest forward feed speeds. The starting resistances are reduced and enable a constant feed motion also under highest loads.
Very low coefficients of adhesion and constant gliding prevent vibration due to stick-slip and therefore support a long lifetime of the guides at high surface quality. They also excell due to an excellent rust and corrosion protection as well as good demulsifying power. This property is especially important when emulsions/solvents are in use. Eni EXIDIA HG-series meet the requirements of the Cincinnati Milacron temperature stability test. These oils excell due to high stability against sludge and deposit formation and counteract corrosion on steel, copper and their alloys, independent of the temperature.


Eni EXIDIA HG 32 and Eni EXIDIA HG 68 are preferably used for horizontal slideways with normal loads. Furthermore these oils can also be used as hydraulic media. Eni Exidia HG 32 and 68 meet the Vickers pump test (27 mg weight loss) and are therefore also best suitable for modern hydraulic systems.

Eni EXIDIA HG 220 has excellently proven at vertical slideways and under highest loads.


The oils of the Eni EXIDIA HG-series meet the thermal and stick-slip test requirements according to:

• CINCINNATI P53 (ISO VG 32), P47 (ISO VG 68) and P50 (ISO VG 220)
• ISO-L-HG 32 and 68
• ISO-L-HG 220
• ISO-L-CKE 220
• STANIMUC G 32, 68 and 220
• DIN 51 502 CGLP


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