Eni Dicrea SX 46 VDL


Eni Dicrea SX 46 VDL is a synthetic compressor oil

eni Dicrea SX is a synthetic compressor oil on PAO basis with corrosion and wear protection additives and antioxidants that had been especially developed for the application in air compressors.

Properties and Performance:

• Due to the use of synthetic base oils and a specially balanced additive package the oilchange intervals can be extended by three or four times by using eni Dicrea SX in rotary compressors, compared to mineral oil products. Thus the maintenance periods are significantly reduced.
• The formation of harmful coke residues is effectively prevented due to the high temperature stability.
• The low Pourpoint allows the application in a wide application range, also at very lowoperational temperatures.
• The corrosion protection properties of eni Dicrea SX provide an excellent protection of all oil-moistened parts as shown by the outstanding results of the ASTM D 665 B tests.
• Due to the wear protection additives the abrasion at the constructional parts is clearly reduced, which is especially important for screw-type air compressors.
• The products behave neutral towards the elastomers normally used in air compressors.


The viscosity according to ISO VG 46 has been especially designed for screw-type air compressors; it can also be used for other compressors where this viscosity is required. By using eni Dicrea SX the oil-change intervals can be prolonged up to 6.000/8.000 hours, when operating under optimum conditions In case of aggravated conditions however minimum once a year an oil-change should be made. eni DICREA SX had been tested with outstanding results in compressors of well-known manufacturers.


• DIN 51506
• ABB HZTL 90617 (VTR turbocharger)
• WARTSILA 4V92A670 Rev.J


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