Eni Blasia SX 220


Eni Blasia SX 220 is a high pressure transmission oil.


eni Blasia SX is a highest-pressure gear oil, developed for the lubrication of gearboxes and bearings at high application temperatures. It is formulated on basis of fully synthetic base oils (poly alpha olefins) with corrosion and wear protection additives. It has excellent thermal and oxidative stability.

Properties and Performance:

• eni Blasia SX is formulated with a base oil with excellent lubrication properties. Due to the high natural Viscosity index there are low Viscosity fluctuations over a broad temperature range.
• It has an excellent temperature and oxidation stability. Due to the specific selection of the additives a low sludge formation could be achieved, also under extreme application conditions.
• eni Blasia SX has excellent wear protection properties. It exceeds the load stage 12 in the FZG test.
• A high protection against rust and corrosion is ensured.


eni Blasia SX is suitable for the lubrication of highly loads gearboxes and bearing that are operated at high temperatures (glass and steel industry, furnace, ceramics and paper manufacture). It is applicable at superior oil temperatures of up to 120°C as well as short-term temperature peaks up to 200°C.


• DIN 51 517 T.3 (CLP)
• ISO 6743-6/CKT
• ANSI-AGMA 9005 D94, AGMA NO. 3S, NO 5S, NO. 6S
• Alfa Laval approval (ISO VG 320)



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