Eni Blasia 32,Voith-Freigabe

eni Blasia 32 is a lubricant for hydraulic and gear applications with wear protection and EP properties (extreme pressure). Paraffinic mineral oil, sulphur based EP additives (for best highspeed and shock load properties) and phosphor based additive components for best low-speed and high-pressure properties had been selected.

Properties and Performance:

eni Blasia 32 consists of a balanced combination of carefully selected base oils and adjusted wear protection and high-pressure additives. This is proven by the values of the FZG test.

Besides it has the following important properties:

• It has no corrosive effect on all used materials in the machine construction such as iron, cast iron, copper, bronze and it compatible with all commonly used sealing materials.
• It separates fast from water, whereby an excellent lubrication is ensured, also at applications where a contamination with water cannot be excluded.
• Also at humid ambient conditions such as steam an effective rust protection of the metal parts is ensured.
• The formation of foam is effectively minimised, whereby a stable lubrication film is ensured under all application conditions.


eni Blasia 32 is especially designed as high-performance oil for hydrodynamic gearboxes and clutches, for torque converters in connection with spur and bevel gears and for multi-disc clutches, which are supplied with a combined system with hydraulic fluid.


• DIN 51 517 T. 3
• DIN 51 524 T.2
• VOITH gear approval 3.90-8/1972 (railway turbo gearboxes)
• VOITH Turbo approval 3.625-6073 (gear converter unit type R(12))


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