Eni Blasia 220 CLP


Eni Blasia 220 CLP is a high-pressure gear oil based on mineral oil.

High-pressure gear oil based on mineral oil for oiltight mechanical industrial transmissions and other high loaded lubricating points.

Properties and Performance:

eni BLASIA – types are produced from a well-balanced combination of carefully selected base oils and coordinated high-pressure additives with them with a wide sphere of action.

Sulphurous additives cause at relatively high gliding speeds as well as well as at intermittent and oscillating loads a layer building stable lubrication film. Additives based on phosphor take effect especially at high loaded slow running transmissions and contribute the formation of a stable and seizing preventing lubrication film. The high base oil quality in connection with oxidation inhibitors ensure a high thermal load capacity and long service times. They are compatible with all common sealing materials and internal varnishes.


eni BLASIA – types are applicable as high-performance gear oils for the splash and circular lubrication in all oiltight incased transmissions, especially with mechanically high loaded lubricating points such as slow running and high loaded sliding and roller bearings, clutches, spindles and transmissions with high surface pressures and numbers or revolution. Since these oils do not content lead soaps they can also be used for the oil mist lubrication.
Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products!


  • DIN 51 517 T.3 (CLP)
  • Thyssen TH-N 256 142
  • CINCINNATI MILACRON P63 (68), P77 (150), P74 (220), P35 (460)

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