Eni Arnica 46

Eni Arnica 46 Is a multigrade hydraulic fluid

Multigrade hydraulic fluid based on mineral oil with increased viscosity index and excellent cold flow behaviour, especially suitable for precision hydraulic systems, whose perfect function depends on hydraulic fluids with improved viscosity temperature behaviour.

Properties and Performance:

The increased viscosity index gives eni ARNICA a flat viscosity profile, thus the oil viscosity is only slightly changing at variable temperatures. Special additives guarantee optimum shear strength of the oil, that means the viscosity is not reduced also at longer service time. The improved cold flow behaviour, obvious from the Pourpoint, enlarges the application field.

eni ARNICA is equipped with polar wear impeding components and therefore is especially suitable for high-pressure hydraulic systems, which are exposed to increased wear due to extreme loads.

eni ARNICA protects all metal parts of the hydraulic from rust and corrosion. The particular demulsifying behaviour results in fast release of water from the oil.

eni ARNICA has good air release properties, that causes a fast separation of the entrained air oxygen from the oil, also the formation of surface foam is effectively prevented.


The application of eni ARNICA instead of hydraulic oil of the standard quality is mainly recommended at controlled hydraulic systems and power transmission systems that need hydraulic fluids with a higher viscosity index for a trouble-free operation, such as instruments and precision mechanics, which only may be exposed to minor oil viscosity caused pressure changes.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.


DIN 51 524 T.3 HVLP


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