Elf Evolution. Fulltech FE 5W30


Elf Evolution. Fulltech FE 5W30 Is a special “Low SAPS *” high performance engine oil

Elf Evolution. Fulltech FE 5W30 is a Very high performance Fuel Economy lubricant using ELF synthetic technology, intended for lubricating light vehicles engines. Specially formulated to ensure compatibility with post-treatment systems.



Most recent technology engines

  • Recommended in particular for the Diesel engines respecting the EURO IV & EURO V norms about emission reduction.

Adapted to the Diesel Particulate Filter

  • Particularly adapted to Renault recent vehicles equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter.

« Vigorous » driving, all times of year

  • For all driving styles, particularly « vigorous » and high speeds.


International specifications ACEA : C4, level of performance C3

OEMs approvals RENAULT RN0720

MERCEDES-BENZ MB-Approval 226.51


Excellent engine cleanliness and protection

  • Ensures maximum engine cleanliness, thanks to very good detergent and dispersion properties.Confers to the engines an excellent global wear protection, thanks to its high technology additivation.

Protection of the Diesel Particulate Filter

  • Enables, thanks to low rates of sulfur, ashes and phosphorus (low SAPs), a durability of post-treatment systems (in particular the DPF) that enables high reduction of pollutant emissions.

Reduction of the fuel consumption( Fuel Economy)

  • Specific formulae enabling fuel economy (thanks to reduction of the friction ). 2,1 % at the M111 FE test of ACEA (minimum 1 %).

Increase drain intervals

  • Contributes to the increase of the intervals between the drains. The interval can rise up to 30 000 km.

Decrease of the oil consumption

  • Reduced oil consumption thanks to the use of synthetic base oils of law volatility.

Ensured performance and quality of the lubricant over time

  • Ensures outstanding engine longevity, thanks to a very high oxidation resistance.


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