Divinol Bio-Kettenöl 220

Divinol Bio-Kettenöl 220 Is a biodegradable saw chain oil

Product description

Divinol Bio*-Kettenöl 220 is a eco-friendly product specially designed and tested for high performance saws and
harvesters. Environmentally friendly as based on renewable resources and readily biodegradable. Divinol Bio*-
Kettenöl 220 can be used all year round and has excellent adhesion, anti-wear and corrosion protection properties.

The product offers a long term gumming protection to prevent sticking of the chain. Divinol Bio*-Kettenöl 220 can be used in high-performance saws or harvesters, where particularly high viscosity oils are needed.
* = The word “bio” refers to biodegradability according to OECD 301 F.

The limit according to OECD 301 F was achieved within 28 days.


Divinol Bio*-Kettenöl 220 offers due to its definitive adhesive strength and the use of wear preventive additives best
lubrication of high performance chain saws in e.g. wood working machines. Best lubrication even under hard
conditions of use due to the high performance reserves. The product is stable for at least 18 months. For cleaning
Divinol recommends our DIVINOL Gerätereiniger Forte.


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