CASTROL Rustilo 612


Castrol Rustilo 612 Is a Neat corrosion preventive oil.




Castrol Rustilo™ 612 (previously called SafeCoat™ 612) is a general purpose short term inhibited protective oil ideal for use where solvent based products are unacceptable.



Rustilo 612 is especially recommended in cold rolling mills, rod and wire drawing works. Due to good deep drawing properties it is also suitable for the protection of cold rolled vehicle body sheets and light forming operations.

Rustilo 612 can also be used as testing liquid for hydraulic equipment as well as leakage testing fluid for gears, pumps and tanks.

Rustilo 612 can be applied by complete immersion, brushing or spraying.




  • Free of solvent
  • Heavy metals free, (example Barium) which may help you to fulfill aspects of legislative requirements and waste treatment requirements that specify that these chemicals are excluded.
  • Easy to apply
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor package suitable for moderate conditions which provides reliable protection of components.
  • Compatible with mineral oil
  • The film does not harden even long after the product has been applied.
  • If required, protective films of Rustilo 612 can be easily removed by using a petroleum solvent or alkaline process cleaner, all available from Castrol.


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