CASTROL Power 1 Scooter 4T 5W-40


CASTROL Power 1 Scooter 4T 5W-40 Is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil


Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T 5W-40


Power Release Formula




Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T with Scootek Technology is an advanced, premium quality, low friction, 4-stroke engine oil designed specifically for modern scooter engines. Unlike conventional 4T bikes with integral clutch and gearbox, the 4T scooter uses a belt driven CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) to transmit power from the crankshaft via a reduction gearbox to the rear wheel. The scooter engine is often more compact, enclosed by bodywork, and spends a high proportion of time at full throttle. As a result, scooter engines often run hotter than conventional 4T motorcycle engines. Castrol Power 1 Scooter’s fast flowing, low friction, Power Release formula is specially designed to reduce internal losses in the engine and resist the stresses of high temperature operation, enabling your Scooter to deliver maximum power without compromising protection. Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T with Power Release Formula is designed specifically for scooter owners who love the exhilaration of riding. Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T – engineered for performance



Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T is designed to optimise performance and protection for modern scooters where API SL and JASO MB are recommended.




Advanced 4-stroke engine oil formulation with Scootek Technology

  • Power Release Formula for maximum and sustained engine performance
  • No compromise scooter engine protection
  • Good oil consumption and oxidation control
  • Test data shows that Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T 5W-40 accelerates to top speed 4.5 seconds faster than a market general 20W-50
    product giving improved acceleration at the touch of the throttle.

Product Performance Claims


  • API SL

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