Castrol Performance Bio HE 68


Castrol Performance Bio HE 68 Is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid.




The Castrol Performance™ Bio HE range (previously named Carelube SES) are highly biodegradable hydraulic fluids, based on saturated synthetic esters. The range contains selected additives ensuring good oxidation stability, good anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties,
as well as compatibility with bearing alloys containing lead. The synthetic base oil ensures Performance Bio HE has a very high viscosity index and an extremely low pour point.


Performance Bio HE should be used in all hydraulic systems, where leakages may pollute natural water and drainage systems – for instance in earth-moving, agricultural and forestry machinery, refuse lorries, rail cars, presses and wrapping machines. The careful choice of the saturated synthetic ester enables the product to operate up to +120°C/ +248°F system temperature. The high value of its viscosity index means that the product shows a relatively low dependence of the viscosity on the temperature.Performance Bio HE is not soluble in water, but miscible with mineral oil and with rape seed oil based hydraulic fluids.When changing from mineral oil based products to Performance Bio HE, the system should be drained completely, as a mixture with mineral oil would have a reduced biodegradability and could cause foam problems in the system. Castrol Performance Bio HE 46 is classified as biodegradable in OECD 301B testing (>60% after 28 days).




  • High biodegradability
  • Good oxidation- and hydrolytic stability
  • Can tolerate low levels of mineral oil contamination and still maintain acceptable anti-foam performance
  • High shear stability

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