Castrol Perfecto XEP 32


Is a mineral based turbine oil


Premium Antiwear Turbine Lubricant




CASTROL Perfecto XEP are turbine oils of highest quality with extremely hydrogen-treated base oils. They contain additives which increase the resistance to aging, improve the corrosion protection properties as well as suppress the foaming tendencies. They also contain antiwear additives to give additional load carrying properties. The additives in the Perfecto XEP oils contain no metal-organic compounds like organic zinc compounds. The superior resistance to oxidation & thermal degradation provides a very long life lubricant because of low deposit / lacquer formation.


The turbine oils Perfecto XEP are preferred for the lubrication of steam and gas turbines and their control systems. The oil supply mostly take place on a common circuit. The oils meet the requirements “Schmier- und Regleröle L-TGP mit Verschleißschutz” according to DIN 51 515 part 2, BS 489 and ISO 8068 “Lubricating Oils for Turbines, categories L-TSA and L-TGA” and the specifications and requirements of the turbine manufacturers which prescribe turbine oils with antiwear properties for the usage in their gear turbines:

  • Siemens AG-Power Generation TLV 9013 04 (gas- & steam turbines)
  • Alstom Power Generation HTGD 90 117 D
  • General Electric GEK 107395
  • General Electric GEK 32568F
  • General Electric GEK 101941


Features / Benefits


  • High chemical and thermal stability means low aging even at longer operating life
  • Good viscosity temperature behavior enables to start cold machines without problems and ensures reliable lubrication even at high operating temperatures
  • Good air release
  • Excellent foaming characteristic, fast foam break-down
  • Good corrosion protection, even with condensation and possible water contamination
  • Good water demulsification ensures rapid separation of water and oil at water contamination without emulsification
  • Neutral behavior against sealing materials and non-ferrous metals
  • Good antiwear properties even at high temperature

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