Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801


Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 Is a synthetic heat transfer Fluid.




Castrol PerfectoTM HTS 0801 is a clear, off-white, synthetic heat carrier basing on isomere dibenzyltoluene.



Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 is recommended for use in pressureless closed heat transfer systems with high operating temperatures.
Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 can be used in an operating temperature range between – 5 °C (up to this temperature it can be conveyed by
means of usual centrifugal pumps) and approx. + 350 °C flow temperature. The film temperature, i.e. the wall temperature on the heat carrier side, must not exceed 380 °C at any point of the plant. Otherwise you would be running the risk of a thermal decomposition of the heat carrier. Prior to filling the heat carrier system it should be subject to a pressure test with regard to any possible leakages (do not use water). Subsequently the system should be rinsed and filled with new Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801. During the filling process it should be ensured that the heat carrier system is adequately ventilated. During commissioning the system should slowly be heated up. At approx. 120 °C the temperature should be kept at a constant level for some time in order to allow any existing moisture to evaporate. The expansion vessel is the only place where the heat carrier gets into contact with air. Although Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 is resistant to oxidation the heat carrier should be covered with inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) at very high temperatures.


• broad temperature range
• good thermal stability
• maximum operating temperature is higher compared to heat carriers based on mineral oil
• no boiling range but elevated boiling point
• high maximum allowable film temperature


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