Castrol Magna SW B 150


Castrol Magna SW B 150 Is a slideway lubricants for machine tools


Slideway Oil


DescriptionThe Castrol Magna™ SW B Range (previously called Magnaglide™ B grades) are premium slideway lubricants for machine tools. They are based on highly refined mineral oils and additives to give controlled frictional characteristics in guideway sliding conditions.



The Magna SW B oils are recommended for the high performance lubrication of slideways on machine tools. They have excellent frictional characteristics, high adhesivity, and high film strength, so that they can be used in conditions of high loads and low sliding speeds on both vertical and horizontal guideways.

Furthermore, they can be used for lead screw and nut systems, gears of feed mechanisms and oil lubricated milling heads. The Magna SW B oils meet the criteria of the Schmidt-Coburg friction and demulsibility tests, thus the range has excellent water wash off characteristics.



Compared to conventional slideway oils Magna SW B offers the following advantages:-

  • Accurate sliding movement leading to enhanced work piece surface finish.
  • Excellent protection of slideways for maximum service life of machinery.
  • Good wash off characteristics.
  • Good compatibility with known construction materials of slideways.
  • Conforms to Schmidt-Coburg requirements for friction and demulsibility properties.

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