Hyspin DF Top 46

Hydraulic Oil

Castrol Hyspin DF Top is a fine filtered zinc-free HLP-D hydraulic oil conforming to DIN 51524-2 with superb wear and corrosion protection, excellent filterabilty and a very high cleanliness. The special “keep clean” properties ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system, long operating life and high system availability.
Castrol Hyspin DF Top also reduces wear in the boundary lubrication zone and through its selected additives suppresses stick-slip effects.

Castrol Hyspin DF Top is suited for hydraulic systems of all kinds. It has been developed, however, specially for use in situations of high thermal and mechanical stress of the kind that arise, for example, in injection-moulding machines, presses and heavy-load machine tools.

The risk of microscratching on the hydraulic piston rods is minimized regardless of the sealing system used. Very good experience has been reported with carbon fibre and bronze-filled PTFE seals. Castrol Hyspin DF Top can be mixed with other zinc-free mineral oil-based hydraulic oils without any problems. For that reason, hydraulic systems can be converted to Castrol Hyspin DF Top without difficulties.

The most important applications of Castrol Hyspin DF Top include:

  • Presses and injection-moulding machines
  • Heavy-load machine tools
  • Slow-moving hydraulic systems
  • Construction machines
  • Electro-magnetic multi-disc clutches
  • Compressed air tools
  • Continuously variable and hydrostatic gears

Longer oil change intervals without restriction of operational and functional safety of the hydraulic systems give Castrol
Hyspin DF Top the competitive edge:

  • Greater system availability
  • Shorter downtime of the systems
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower disposal costs (not included in the OEM negative list of products containing heavy metals)

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