Castrol Alphasyn T 150


Castrol Alphasyn T 150 Is a synthetic gear oil.




The Castrol Alphasyn T gear oil range of synthetic lubricants are formulated on polyalpha-olefin (PAO) base fluids and phosphorus-based antiwear additive technology providing outstanding thermal stability and good load carrying capacity.


Alphasyn T grades have been formulated for use in bearings, circulatory systems and moderately-loaded gear systems operating at both high and low temperatures. Alphasyn T should not be used for heavy / shock loaded systems. Alphasyn T is suitable for various applications where a lubricating oil is used under extremes of temperature or variable temperatures, e.g. from hydraulic systems through to large, slow moving gears.

All products in the Alphasyn T range have very low pour points and excellent viscosity / temperature characteristics, allowing their use in both low and high temperature applications. The Alphasyn T range is fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluropolymer seal materials.

Approval Status

Alphasyn T is classified as follows:


  • DIN Classification is CL.


Alphasyn T grades meet the requirements of:


  • DIN 51517 Part 2.
  • David Brown Type A.

Features and Benefits


  • Good thermal and oxidative stability provides reliable operation and extended operating life when compared to mineral oil based products.
  • Inherently high viscosity index (VI) makes the product suitable for operations operating over a wide temperature range.
  • Good antiwear and load carrying abilities minimizes gear wear and prolongs gear tooth life.
  • Good water separation and demulsification characteristics means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
  • PAO based lubricant provides good compatibility with seals, paints and mineral oil based lubricants.

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