CASTROL Aircol SH 100

CASTROL Aircol SH 100 Is a synthetic air Compressor Lubricant.

Compressor oil type VDL


 Castrol Aircol SH 100 high performance synthetic compressor oil reduces wear through its outstanding film strength, and protects compressor components. Due to the synthetic base oils, Aircol SH 100 has an excellent long term stability and offers longer oil change intervals in comparison with traditional mineral oil lubricants.
Further important qualities are a lower energy consumption, minimal coking, evaporation, foaming tendencies and a good water separation ability.


Aircol SH 100 is for use in mobile air compressors with maximum compression temperatures of +220°C, and in stationary air compressors with maximum temperatures of +160 °C. Aircol SH 100 should be used if VDL air compressor oils in accordance with DIN 51 506 are recommended . This product is compatible with many gases and is excellent for the use in process gas compressors, gas piston compressors and vacuum pumps.


Reduced wear through outstanding film strength, and protects compressor components.
Excellent long term stability and longer oil change intervals
Lower energy consumption
Minimal coking and evaporation rates
Low foaming tendency and a good water separation.


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