Recommended Use:

Aral Motanol HE 100 can be classified as a compressor oil of the lubricating oil group VDL according to DIN 51506 and is based on paraffin-based base oils with narrow boiling ranges, low evaporation losses and high aging stability. also
It contains additives for increasing aging resistance and anti-corrosive properties.

Aral Motanol HE 100 is characterized by an extremely low coking tendency, high thermal and oxidative resistance, low evaporation tendency and economical oil consumption. In addition, the compressor oil has good water separation capacity and low foaming tendency.

Of course, Aral AG has also successfully met the high requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001.
This certification gives you additional assurance about Aral product quality and service.


Aral Motanol HE 100 is designed for use in mobile air compressors with compression end temperatures up to + 220 ° C and in
Stationary air compressors with compressed air tanks or pipes with compression final temperatures of up to + 220 ° C.
Compressor oils of the Aral-Motanol HE series should be used where air compressor oils VDL according to DIN 51506 are recommended or prescribed. They are particularly suitable in fresh oil-lubricated multi-stage reciprocating and rotary piston compressors
At a very high pressure and temperature level.

In addition, they are excellently suited for fresh oil-lubricated multi-cell compressors (flow cell or rotary compressors), oil-flooded multi-compressor compressors (oil injection cooling) and screw compressors.


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