Autol Kettenzugöl

Autol Kettenzugöl Is a high-quality machine oil

Autol Kettenzugöl is a High-quality machine oil based on mineral oil out of a core-cut raffinate with excellent lubricating properties.

Properties and Performance:

Agip Kettenzugöl has a high percentage purity, a favourable natural viscosity temperature behaviour and very good cold flowability. The high ageing stability and temperature loading capacity ensure an optimum service life in closed systems and counteracts the formation of resin at interval lubrication. Due to the high natural wetting abilities it can be done without adhesive properties. Also there is a good release of water.

The compatibility with common sealing materials and internal varnishes used in the machine industry is guaranteed.


Agip Kettenzugöl has various applications in the general machine lubrication.

Agip Kettenzugöl is designed for the lubrication of circulating chains, chain blocks and continuous conveyers. Further application ranges are the lubrication of lifting spindles, mechanical transmission as well as for the dipping and circulating lubrication of friction and wheel bearings, everywhere the manufacturers prescribe respectively recommend the application of a pure, unalloyed mineral oil.

Due to the good viscosity temperature behaviour the product can be used as all-year oil in suitable central lubricating systems.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.


DIN 51 517 T.1


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