ARAL Kosmol TF 46


Recommended Use:

Aral Kosmol TF 46 is a high-aging solvent raffinate with a balanced combination of active ingredients to improve corrosion protection and aging resistance. The product fulfills with large reserves the Requirements according to DIN 51515-2 as well as delivery specifications of the well-known turbine manufacturers (e.g., Blohm and Voss, MAN Energy and ABB). This is an alloyed type L-TGP turbine oil.

Aral Kosmol TF 46 comprises products which are free from organometallic and highly polymeric compounds. It corresponds Thus also the delivery specifications of Siemens Power Generation, TLV 901304. Aral Cosmol TF 46 is characterized by excellent aging stability, favorable viscosity-temperature behavior, good air separation capacity and An excellent foam behavior, offers high wear and optimum corrosion protection as well as a very good water separation capacity.

Functional problems, residue and sludge formation as well as corrosion in circulation, control and regulation systems are prevented. Of course, Aral AG has also successfully met the high requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001. This certification gives you additional assurance about Aral product quality and service.


Aral Kosmol TF 46 is suitable for the lubrication of steam, gas or water turbines as well as for demanding circulation systems (for example, machine tools). In addition, it can also be used to lubricate hydraulic control circuits, clutches And transmissions incorporated into the circuit.


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