Aral Degol GS 460


Aral Degol GS 460 Is a zinc free, high performance gear oil

Aral Degol GS 460 is a Gear oil type CLP PG




Aral Degol GS 460 is a high performance gear oil based on CLP PG type Polyglycol, in accordance with DIN 51517-3. This product guarantees a high protection from scuffing and micro-pitting. The special wearing protection, favorable friction behavior, thermal and oxidation stability, very good viscosity temperature behavior, and its distinct corrosion reduction qualities, all distinguish this gear oil. Aral Degol GS 460 gear oil fulfills the micro-pitting test required by the Flender company, in accordance with FVA Nr.54.


Operational area:


The base fluid and selective additives, make possible the use of this oil in gears burdened with high temperatures. This product can also be used in bearings and circulating oil systems operating in temperatures up to +160 °C, with extended oil changing intervals. Special uses are for worm gears with the classical pairing of materials such as steel and bronze. In addition, Aral Degol GS 460 is suitable for the lubrication of so-called hot gears (e.g. plastic calenders, paper machines and drying cylinders). Aral Degol GS 460 corresponds with “Requirements on circulation lubricating oils for paper machine drying cylinders” release of the SKF co. and corresponds to the FAG co. release.



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