ARAL Degol BMB 680

Recommended Use:

Aral Degol BMB 680 is a high-performance gear oil with lubricant additives (molybdenum disulfide / MoS2). This oil fulfills Meets the requirements of DIN 51517-3, and is designated according to DIN 51502 as gear oil type CLPF. Nature and proportion of Particularly stably suspended MoS2 are specially adapted to the base oil and the other additives. Thus, maximum efficiency can be achieved over a wide range of stresses. Notable features of this transmission oil are, besides the neutrality of non-ferrous metals and seals, a high thermal load capacity, good aging resistance and exceptionally good corrosion protection.


Aral Degol BMB 680 is predestined for use in slow-running heavy-duty drives and heavy impact and vibration loads. It ensures lubrication even if the reaction layers which have formed by chemically dissolved active ingredients have already been largely degraded as a result of a lack of lubricant supply, or are formed during start-up Under load. Degol BMB 680 has distinctive emergency running characteristics and imparts additional damping with vibrations.


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