Aral Degol BMB 220

Aral Degol BMB 220 Is a zinc free, CLP type gear oil

Aral Degol BMB 220 is a CLPF type gear oil




Aral Degol BMB 220 is a high-performance gear oil with solid lubricant additives (molybdenum disulphide / MoS2). This oil fulfills the requirements of the DIN 51517-3, and qualifies as a CLPF type gear oil in accordance with DIN 51502. The MoS2 additives are matched specially to the base oil and other additives, so a stable suspension can achieve the highest efficiency over a broad load range. The remarkable properties of this gear oil gives a neutral behaviour with nonferrous heavy metals and seals, a high thermal loading capacity, good ageing stability and an unusually good protection against corrosion.

Operational area:

Aral Degol BMB 220 is for the use in slow running, heavy-duty gears with strong shock and vibrational loads. It still ensures lubrication if there is a reactional separation, which can developed through chemically solute active agents, due to a lacking lubrication supply that is already extensively degraded. Degol BMB 220 has distinctive emergency run properties that gives additional suppression against oscillations.


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