ARAL Degol BG 220


Recommended Use:

Aral Degol BG 220 is a zinc-free gear oil of type CLP and fulfills the requirements of DIN 51 517-3 with high power  reserves. Aral Degol BG 220 offers not only a high wear protection but also a high level of safety against seizing And has excellent aging resistance and high thermal loadability. Moreover, it is neutral against common seals and bearing metals. As a special property, the high corrosion protection, the low foam tendency and the good demulsibility are to be emphasized.  


Aral Degol BG 220 offers optimal running times as operating oil for all types of gear, even under difficult conditions And is predestined for the safe entry of new transmissions. For Aral Degol BG 220 is a release recommendation By the VDEh according to SEB-No. 181226 and the FE 8 release of the company FAG


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