Aral Degasol NGL


Aral Degasol NGL Is a mineral based SAE 40 low ash gas engine lubricant.

Aral Degasol NGL is a stationary gas engine oil




Aral Degasol NGL is a mineral based SAE 40 low ash gas engine lubricant and formulated primarily for spark ignition natural gas engines where a low ash formulation is specified and where the gas is largely free from aggressive components like halogens and hydrogen sulphide. The balanced additive system has been designed to control deposit formation and improve oxidation characteristics whilst offering excellent corrosion control and TBN retention



The product is approved or meets the requirements of:


  • MWM (formally known as Deutz Power System) – for all Fuel Gas classes
  • GE Jenbacher – engine types 2 and 3 – Fuel Gas Classes A, B & Cat
  • GE Jenbacher – engine type 4 (Version B) – Fuel Gas Classes A, B, C and Cat
  • GE Jenbacher – engine type 6 (Version C and E) – Fuel Classes A,B,C, and Cat
  • new MBH – for natural gas
  • Perkins – for natural gas, 4000 series
  • Ulstein – for natural gas
  • Wärtsilä – for natural gas
  • Waukesha – for natural gas (normal coolant temperature installations)




  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability leads to longer oil life and extended drain intervals
  • Potential for reduced maintenance costs and down time.
  • Provides good resistance to acid corrosion.
  • Reduces deposits
  • maintains engine cleanliness.
  • Excellent antiwear characteristics provide outstanding protection against piston, cylinder wear and scuffing.


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