ARAL Deganit BWX 220

Recommended Use:

Aral Deganit BWX 220 has an excellent demulsifying behavior and a pronounced adhesion. This prevents The mixing with the water-miscible cooling lubricant. Thus, neither trampolines nor occur Bonds or encrustations. High-quality additives prevent the lubricant film from being pushed through or washed off when using water-miscible cooling lubricants. As a result, so-called stick-slip movements (jerking) are avoided, even at high loads, Which can impair the machining accuracy and in extreme cases lead to the fixing of the tool carriage. Special features of Aral Deganit BWX 220 are the constant gliding behavior, the excellent adhesion (For horizontal and vertical guideways), good wear protection as well as very good anti-corrosive protection and resistance to aging.  


Aral Deganit BWX 220 is suitable for the lubrication of ducts and guides on machine tools. The product is especially suitable for plastic-coated slideways. The swelling of the plastic, which may occur with the use of conventional, non-demulsifying bed sheet oils, does not occur with Aral Deganit BWX. Particularly recommended is the use of Aral Deganit BWX 220 as bedding oil in combination with the water – miscible refrigerants of the Aral Sarol range.


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