Agip Racing 10W – 60

Agip Racing 10W – 60 Is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil

Agip Racing 10W-60 is a fully synthetic engine oil of the newest generation, especially for high-performance gasoline engines in sports use respectively other highest engine loads.

Properties and Performance:

  • The synthetic base oils form a stable high-performance lubrication film that also guarantees a safe lubrication when the engine had been shut down for some time. This film ensures an easy start and reduces the cold start wear also under very difficult condition.
  • The thermally stable synthetic base oil has an extremely low evaporation tendency and therefore causes the lowest oil conditioned oil consumption.
  • The excellently tested shear stability is a guarantee for the viscosity stability (stay-ingrade) of the engine oil also after longer application under extreme conditions.
  • The well-balanced special formulation ensures highest performance regarding the detergent/dispersing properties, the corrosion protection, foam prevention, oxidation stability and wear protection properties.


Agip Racing 10W-60 is especially recommended by Alfa Romeo for the application in the Alfa 166 Version 2.0 T.Spark, in the GTA and JTS engines.


Agip Racing 10W-60 is approved by name respectively meets the requirements* of the following specifications:

  • API SL BMW M GmbH*
  • (CCMC G 5, PD 2) Alfa Romeo*

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