Agip Precis HVLP-D 32

Agip Precis HVLP-D 32 Is a multi-range hydraulic oil

Agip Precis HVLP-D 32 is a Multigrade hydraulic fluid with detergent effect with high viscosity index, excellent cold flow behaviour and low flow and friction loss, especially suitable for precision hydraulic systems.

Properties and Performance:

The high viscosity index gives Eni PRECIS HVLP-D an excellent viscosity-temperaturebehaviour, therefore the oil viscosity only changes insignificantly at changing temperatures, so that it covers the complete viscosity range of the related ISO-VG of standard HLP oils. Special components guarantee an optimum shear stability of the oil, that means the viscosity is not reduced at long operation periods. The improved cold flow behaviour protects the components especially at the start of the hydraulic system at low temperatures.

Eni PRECIS HVLP-D is equipped with polar wear inhibiting components and therefore especially suitable for high pressure hydraulic systems that are exposed to high wear due to extreme load.

Eni PRECIS HVLP-D protects all metal parts in the hydraulic system from rust and corrosion. Detergent, dispersing synthetic agents dissolve pollution, keep them in suspension and therefore enable the cleaning of soiled hydraulic systems.

Penetrated water is emulsified up to some percent and harmlessly distributed for the operation of the hydraulic system.

Eni PRECIS HVLP-D has good air release properties and a very good foam behaviour, which effectively prevents the formation of surface foam.


Eni PRECIS HVLP-D exceeds the performance of conventional HLP and HVLP hydraulic oils.

The application of Eni PRECIS HVLP-D, instead of hydraulic oils of standard quality, is especially recommended for excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers and truck hydraulic systems, but they are also used in stationary systems in the production and machine tool field to reduce the various products.


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