Agip Precis CGLP 220

Agip Precis CGLP 220 Is a mineral oil-based lubrican

Agip Precis CGLP 220 is a Slideway oil based on mineral oil with very good lubrication and adhesive properties, high pressure absorptivity and anti-stick-slip properties for the lubrication of slideways and guides, especially of machine tool slides.

Properties and Performance:

Eni PRECIS CGLP – slideway oils contain a selected additive combination that especially serves for the prevention of stick-slip. The single components cause an increased affinity of the oils to the metal surface and therefore contribute the formation of an oil film, also at lowest feed speeds. The starting resistances are reduced and enable an even feed motion also at highest loads. Very low coefficient of adhesions and constant sliding behaviour allow a considerably energy saving due to reduced current consumption. Furthermore they excel due to an excellent rust and corrosion protection as well as very good water release properties.

Eni PRECIS CGLP – slideway oils are recommended by well-known machine tool manufacturers for the lubrication of slideways.


Eni PRECIS CGLP 68 is preferably used at horizontal slideways with normal loads.

Furthermore this oil can also be used as hydraulic medium if one product is needed for both applications.

Eni PRECIS CGLP 220 has best proven at vertical slideways and under heaviest loads.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.


• DIN 51 517 T.2 CGLP


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