Agip Precis BR Fluid 46

Agip Precis BR Fluid 46 Is a non-ash-forming special hydraulic fluid

Agip Precis BR Fluid 46 is a Zinc free and ashless special hydraulic fluid with clearly increased wear protection based on mineral oil for the application in the big industry.

Properties and Performance:

Eni Precis BR-Fluid is a zinc free and ashless special hydraulic fluid with agents to increase the corrosion protection, the ageing stability and an extremely high wear protection at appearing mixed friction.

The very good oiliness ensures a safe lubrication of metal surfaces in case of mixed friction. This was especially proven in the Brugger-Test.

The minimum requirements for HLP/CLP oils are met and partially exceeded. The products meet the classification criteria for the Water Hazardous Class 1.


Eni Precis BR-Fluid is a various usable special hydraulic fluid with good lubricating properties. The application field includes mobile hydraulic systems in vehicles and construction equipment as well as in hydraulic systems in the Industry, e. g. presses from MüllerWeingarten or BMW.

To ensure an undisturbed operation of hydraulic systems it is necessary, next to a high quality of the hydraulic fluid and that all aggregates and pipes are intact, to observe the oil level and cleanliness when handling the hydraulic fluids. Often times deficient cleanliness is the reason for disturbances.

Please observe the manufacturer specifications when selecting products.


HLP-D/CLP Brugger-Test


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