Agip MetalCut S 3000

Agip MetalCut S 3000 Is a a synthetic high performance cutting oil

Eni metalCut S 3000 is a synthetic high performance cutting oil of the new generation.

Properties and Performance:

Eni metalCut S 3000 is an aromatic free, extremely low oil misting and low evaporation metal working fluid based on a new synthetic base oil with an exquisite additive combination. It is temperature stable and has in spite of its relatively low viscosity excellent pressure absorption and adhesive properties.

The zinc and sulphur free additization ensures stainless surfaces also when machining nonferrous copper metals. Due to the EP and AW agents an extremely high lubricating effect can be guaranteed whereby the developing friction heat at the intersecting point is reduced to a minimum and high service life of the tools can be guaranteed.

Eni metalCut S 3000 has  good adhesive properties on all metal surfaces.


Eni metalCut S 3000 can be used for all cutting processes und is suitable for the machining of steel and cast iron as well as nonferrous metals at normal up to difficult operating processes. Due to the very good adhesive properties Eni metalCut S 3000 can be used for minimum quantity lubrication or as additional lubrication. The film strength that has to be applied at minimum quantity lubrication has to be adjusted according to the type of application
(dropping or spraying). The relatively low Viscosity also allows an application where there is a non-pressurised oil supply.


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