Agip MetalCut ERF 14

Agip MetalCut ERF 14 Is a non-water-miscible cooling lubricant

Agip MetalCut ERF 14 is Not water miscible cooling lubricant for honing and spark erosion applications.

Properties and Performance:

Agip metalCut ERF 14 is a light, odourless, sulphur and chlorine free special distillate with additives for the improvement of the lubricity. Therefore the honing service time is prolonged and a high surface quality at the workpiece achieved. Due to the very low Viscosity Agip metalCut ERF 14 has high rinsing and cooling properties, the application in high-speed spindles is also possible due to the excellent properties.


Agip metalCut ERF 14 is suitable as spark erosion fluid and as honing oil, whereat the latter application a very good removing performance at simultaneously low heating of the workpieces as well as low honing stone consumption has proven in the practice. Further application fields are lapping and normal machining of steel and non-ferrous metals, whereat the non-ferrous metal processing there is no specking on the workpiece. Agip metalCut ERF 14 is formulated and designed concerning the Viscosity that it can be used as universal fluid for spark erosion.


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