Agip Longtime Grease 2 KPE 2

Agip Longtime Grease 2 KPE 2 Is a long-time grease

Agip Longtime Grease 2 KPE 2 is a Long-time grease based on lithium-calcium-soap basis with synthetic base oil and EP additives.

Properties and Performance:

Agip LONGTIME GREASE 2 is a long-time grease with very good working stability and excellent adhesive properties and pressure absorption. Due to the proportion of synthetic oil this grease has a relatively wide working temperature range that is also fully maintained at very low outside temperatures. Suitable corrosion inhibitors also enable the application outside and in humid surrounding. Even flowing water cannot wash this grease off. EP agents increase the lubricity so that at highest pressures, such as heavy loaded bearings, minor grease quantities ensure a sufficient lubrication.

Agip LONGTIME GREASE 2 has an especially high ageing stability and excellent sealing effect. The product is a real long-time grease that doesn’t tend to bleeding or consistency fatiguee even during long service time.


Agip LONGTIME GREASE 2 is good suitable for sliding bearings, however especially for roller bearings with low up to high number of revolutions. As well for extremely high loaded and under unfavourable conditions running heavy machines. Its application as long-time grease includes machines of the constructional industry such as sieve shaker, transport equipment, tampers and vibration sieves, also with oscillating vibrations. Further application possibilities
are in processing plants such as impact mills, hard material crushing machines, jaw breakers, stone presses and mixing drums. Especially in construction companies, gravel strip mining and stone quarries with earth moving machinery, such as caterpillars, excavators and dredgers, chain blocks, road finishers and in the agriculture this product is field well-tried and proven.

As far as possible a mixing of greases based of different soap basis should be avoided, since due to that the special properties could be impaired.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.


DIN 51 825 T.3
KP 2 K-30


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