Agip GR MU/EP 2 KP 2

Agip GR MU/EP 2 KP 2 Is a high-pressure grease

Agip GR MU/EP 2 KP 2 is the Highest pressure lubricating grease with excellent load-bearing capacity on lithium basis with EP additives.

Properties and Performance:

Agip GR MU/EP has an excellent load carrying capacity due to its composition and additization as well as excellent film strength. The high viscous base oil used for the production significant contributes to the improvement of the high-pressure characteristic, so that there is  also a sufficient lubricating film in the area of boundary lubrication. Suitable oxidation inhibitors enable a high thermal stability. Special additives ensure an excellent corrosion


Agip GR MU/EP 2 / 3 are used as highest pressure greases especially for roller and friction bearings with very high loads at normal and high temperatures as well as for lubricating points with a high starting resistance. They keep their consistency also at changing temperatures and loads. They have a very good stability against water influences and are therefore also suitable for the application in humid surrounding. Due to their stable lubrication film formation they are best suitable for a wide application range with intermittent loads, such as suspensions for rolling mills, rock crushers, vibrating screens, excavators, mills, crushers, calenders, eccentric presses, treatment plants and shredders. As universal lubricating greases with EP additives their are, according to the NLGI classes, applicable wherever an operation safe lubrication is required at extreme pressure conditions Next to the previously mentioned properties due to the good transport behaviour GR MU/EP 1 is especially suitable for the application in automatic lubrication systems with the requirementfor a grease of the NLGI class 1.


DIN 51 825
KP 3 K-30
KP 2 K-30
KP 1 K-30
GP 0 K-40


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