Agip GR LF 0 GP 0

Agip GR LF 0 GP 0 Is for the lubrication of not oil sealed incased gears

Agip GR LF 0 GP 0 is a Gear fluid grease based on natrium soap of smooth and half liquid consistence for the lubrication of not oil sealed incased gears.

Properties and Performance:

Agip GR LF is having a long fibre and a semi liquid structure. It has a good internal and external sealing effect to avoid losses due to leakages and also to prevent dirt and water getting inside. Due to the good adhesive properties it is not thrown off of the moving gear wheels and forms an sufficient lubricating film.

Agip GR LF is not getting thinner at all working conditions due to the high viscous base oil. Also at high loads a good adhesive lubricating film will stay in between the tooth flanks.

Agip GR LF is suitable for the transport in centralized lubricating systems.


An oil lubrication of gear boxes is not always possible. Due to constructional reasons an sufficient sealing is not always guaranteed and there is the danger that the oil will leak out at the cage joints and shaft leadthroughs. The gear wheels would run dry. Therefore lubricants that will not leak also in vertical position of the driving shaft have to be used to ensure a safe lubrication. This is neither possible with high viscous oils nor with short fibre greases with conventional penetration. In such cases the application of a gear fluid grease is recommended.

Agip GR LF is excellently suitable for not oil tight sealed gear boxes, such as electric linkage engines, crane gears, etc. Besides it is well tried in not stationary drives or gears that are often turned, such as case gears in constructional equipment and in coal cutting and planing machines of the mining industry.
As far as possible the mixing of greases with different soap bases should be avoided since special properties could get lost.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.


DIN 51 826
GP 0 H-30


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