Agip Coro KSOT 12

Agip Coro KSOT 12 Is an odorless anti-corrosive oil

Eni Coro KSOT 12 is a barium and solvent free, unscented corrosion preventive of medium viscosity based on mineral oil with product specific agents.

Properties and Performance:

• corrosion protection oil based on mineral oil, barium-free
• with ageing and corrosion protection additives
• thixotrope, optimum film stability on vertical faces
• easily removable with neutral or alkaline degreasers
• solvent free, unscented, does not need special dangerous labelling
• meets the VW regulation A 001 and Opel specification B 040 1270
• humidity chamber 268 h after according to ASTM-D 1748


Eni Coro KSOT 12 is a corrosion protection fluid of medium Viscosity to achieve a safe protection film at the temporary preservation of the inside and outside faces of half-finished products made of ferrous materials, especially cold rolled strip. In the condition at time of supply the product is suitable with all common application forms, including manual application.

Prior to filtering and electrostatic application we recommend a heating of the product to at least 40°C.


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